Beetroot and pulled oats casserole

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Adjust Servings:
1000 g oat cooking cream 15% gluten free
800 g unsweetened soy milk
60 g cold-water soluble starch
30 g crushed garlic
40 g vegetable bouillon powder
6 g paprika powder
4 g dried thyme
4 g crushed black pepper
10 g iodised salt
200 g grated vegan cheese
2000 g beetroot strips frozen
2000 g potato-onion mix frozen
500 g pulled oats Nyhtökaura, unseasoned
400 g white beans canned

Nutritional information

113,58 kcal / 475,21 kJ
4,14 g
1,09 g
Saturated fat
11,97 g
2,12 g
5,57 g
0,64 g

Beetroot and pulled oats casserole




Portion size: 300 grams
Yield from 20 portion recipe: 6.000 kg


Allergens: gluten, soy
Menu labels: Vegan, Dairy-Free, Contains soy, Contains garlic

NOTE! Oat cooking cream contains less than 100 mg of gluten per kg, which is safe for most people with coeliac disease.

Carbon footprint per portion (300 g): 0.3 kg CO2-eq.

Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq.): the combined warming effect of different greenhouse gases on the climate over 100 years.

Cold preparation instructions

Measure all the ingredients and set aside. Rinse and drain the beans. If using frozen products, let thaw overnight in a cold room. Mix together the oat cooking cream and soy milk. Mix in the cold-water soluble starch, whisking vigorously. Add the seasonings and grated vegan cheese. Mix in the beetroot strips, potato-onion mix, pulled oats and white beans. Pour the mixture into a greased GN container (1/1 GN 65). Bake in the oven using the combination function (50 % steam) at 160 °C, until the internal temperature of the food reaches +80°C.

During cold preparation, the temperature of the food before heating must stay under +6°C.

The cold preparation recipes were developed by the municipality of Tuusula based on Climate Friendly Veggie Food recipes.

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