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The Climate Friendly Veggie Food campaign


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Climate Friendly Veggie Food is a joint campaign between Friends of the Earth Finland and Vegaanihaaste (Vegan Challenge)

Friends of the Earth Finland

Friends of the Earth Finland, established in 1996, offers a way for people to work together for an ecologically sustainable, just and democratic world. Friends of the Earth Finland is an environmental NGO with a social perspective that seeks to find the causes behind effects and to solve problems at their roots.

The organisation is part of the Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) network. Friends of the Earth Finland operates on a local, national and international level. Independent from religion or political parties, the organisation operates on the basis of openness and non-violence and takes into account the rights of all living beings. The lifeblood of the organisation is the independent work of volunteers, which ranges from grassroots action to international political lobbying.

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Vegaanihaaste (Vegan Challenge)

The Vegan Challenge campaign encourages people to try plant-based food for a month. The goal is to make this as easy as possible, and participants receive support in the form of comprehensive newsletters, a recipe database, a discussion group and the option to get a personal mentor. Taking part in the challenge is free and non-binding.

The Vegan Challenge was first organised in 2013 and has had a total of over 160 000 participants over the years. The campaign has been shown to be highly effective – according to the annual feedback survey, more than half of the participants report continuing a vegan diet even after the challenge ends, and the rest report decreasing the amount of animal-based food in their diet.

The Vegan Challenge only shares information on nutrition, health, the environment and animals based on reliable scientific research. The campaign is against all discrimination and is committed to promoting body neutrality and food positivity.

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