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Challenge your school or workplace canteen!

The Plant Foods for Climate campaign has published 30 plant-based and sustainable main course recipes aimed at mass catering services. With the help of our recipes, it’s easier than ever for food services to start offering delicious and nutritionally balanced plant-based meals. Support your school, workplace or hospital canteen in this transition by telling them about our climate-friendly recipes!

Challenge your canteen in the following way:

1. Download one of the pictures below and save it on your computer, phone or tablet.

2. Send the picture to your canteen on social media or by email.

3. In your message, tell your canteen why you want to challenge them to use our recipes. You can mention for example climate change, animal rights, health factors or generally improving the quality of their plant-based food.

4. You can also suggest a special week or month during which the canteen offers a Plant Foods for Climate meal as one of their standard menu items every day. The canteen can order our customer communications materials (in Finnish) to support their campaign week or month.

5. Remember to include a link to our website https://ilmastoruoka.fi/ where you can find our recipes and instructions (in Finnish) for ordering campaigning materials.

6. On social media, use the hashtag #ilmastoruoka